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Howdy, welcome to So – I had the privilege of attending the Anthems of the World Concert on 31st October 2023, at Makerere University. It was my first of a kind. The event was also held in commemoration of the 74th United Nations Day, and the body was represented by Ms. Susan Ngongi Namondo, the UN Resident Coordinator. Miss Susan Ngongi encouraged attendees; especially the students and youths, to go do personal homework and research on the SDGs and the United Nations as a whole, and explore ways in which the organization could not only affect them but also how they could influence it in turn. 

Tebere Arts Foundations team after the event

I had never been to an ‘Anthems of the World Concert’ before and when someone shared the poster, it didn’t really make sense. Until one of my colleagues, Agaba said it was fantastic. He was really excited; so I thought, well, if someone is this happy about this event, I might as well turn up and see how it goes down.

And went down it did. It went down quite well too. The Makerere ‘Makeral Ensemble’ turned up elegantly clad in their black attires. Toe-length dresses that created a black-fairy-like aura. The men wore black suits.

The voices were great.

I am not a very musical person, but I did catch those goose pimples a couple of times when the South African Anthem – Nkosi Sikeleli’ Africa and the Botswana Anthem – Fatshe Leno la Rona were performed. Those two were my personal favorites. 

A South African Delegate Sharing about the Nkosi Sikeleli

Other Anthems that were sung include;


  1. South Africa – Nkosi Sikeleli Africa
  2. Algeria – Qassaman
  3. Kenya – Ee Mungu Nguvu Yetu
  4. Nigeria – Arise, O Compatriots
  5. Botswana – Fatshe Leno la Rona
  6. Tanzania – Mungu Ibariki Africa



  1. Cuba – El Himno de Bayamo
  2. Trinidad and Tobago – Forged from the Love of Liberty
  3. Canada – O Canada
  4. United States – The Star-Spangled Banner



  1. Japan – Kimigayo
  2. Saudi Arabia – Long Live the King
  3. United Arab Emirates – Ishy Bilady
  4. China – March of the Volunteers



  1. Norway – Ja Vi Elesker Dette Landet 
  2. United Kingdom – God Save the King
  3. Sweden – Du Gamia, Du Fria
  4. Germany – Deutschland lied
  5. Iceland – O Guo vors lands
  6. Turkeyt – Istiklal Marsi
  7. Hungary – Himnusz
  8. France – La Marseillaise
Delegates from Various Nations Represented

The event started with courtesies and anthems introduced by the Masters of Ceremonies; Dr. Marion Alina and Mr. Stephen Y. Kasamba, followed by paying respect to the National Anthem of the Republic of Uganda, Anthem of the United Nations (Hymn of the UN), and the Makerere University Anthem. The event was further introduced by Dr. Cathy Mbidde, Head of Makerere University Innovation Hub.

Ms. Susan Giving a speech

The Choir / Makeral Ensemble chorister was by Dr. Milton Wabyona, Head of Makerere Musical Ensemble. (Makeral)

Dr. Milton Speaking, after the Ensemble’s performance

The event was closed on a good note, with a vote of thanks from Makerere University Professor Patrick Mangeni, the Dean of the Department of Performing Arts at Makerere University.   

Picture moments with the TAF team

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