SFX Makeup Workshop 101; the Exciting, the Pleasant & the Ugly.

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Made this mold of an injured eye. But just for learning purposes. This would most likely never be used in an actual production


SFX makeup, or Special Effects Makeup is the art of using prosthetics, makeup, and other materials in order to create illusions that appear to be real on camera; and sometimes, even believable on sight/stage. SFX makeup is usually common in film production and among stage performers/theatre practitioners.

In theatre, how Sfx/makeup is used depends on whether it is being applied for a small-stage performance, medium-stage, or large-stage. We used SFX makeup to enhance character Job who had to appear to be severely lashed and wounded, in the Man to Man Stage Play production. See here (1) and here (2).

Types of special effects makeup may vary from prosthetics, specialized makeup, airbrushing, and even animatronics. In films like Avatar, the Incredible Hulk, Godzilla and many more, Variations of Special Effects Makeup were applied.

Made this mold of an injured eye. But just for fun. This

In a one-week SFX makeup workshop conducted by Michael Wawuyo Snr and presented by Tebere Arts Foundation, I was delighted ( along with nine other emerging artists), to explore the various types of SFX make. See some of the images below!

Making a Believable Baby Bump!

Making a believable baby bump 1


Making a believable Baby Bump 2


A believable baby Bump. Model Vicky Aselle

Warning (Some of the images below may be considered gruesome. Brace yourself)

Casting an arm. We used POP to make this prosthetic.
Other elements were gelatin, water, and glycerin at a ratio of 1:1:1
After Releasing and making up the arm
Vicky with playing with the Second arm

Thesaurus (According to Betty S. Lunkuse’s Dictionary)

Prosthetics (in SFX): An artificial body part such as the arm above, or molds of wounds and cuts. It can be placed on stage or screen, sometimes being placed on top of an actor’s body part to depict a scenario that the character is experiencing. See some on TAF IG here.

Prosthetic of a swelling on David’s forehead. This may appear less convincing but can be made up to achieve more realistic results.

Mold: A cast of any sculpture molded separately, to be applied on a character, in order to achieve an overlapping prosthetic application.

A mold of an injured eye 1 (the making of)
Mold of an injured eye (2)
Made this mold of an injured eye. But just for fun. This would most likely never be used in an actual production


Prosthetic of Barna’s finger
Fake Blood Materials

Note: Since we didn’t have silicone or alginate, we used other materials like a sponge, gelatin, monster clay, glycerin, water, etc. To achieve the desired result. This may also be called Improvision. As a creative, you need to apply the art of improvisation, as you may not always have all the materials you need, yet you must always be able to achieve the desired result.

Find more Industry vocabulary here and learn more about SFX makeup from the studio binder. Also,

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