To Live or Not To Live – Faith Agumya’s Book on How to Overcome Suicide & Thrive Amidst Suicidal Thoughts.

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Author Faith Agumya holding a copy of ‘To Live or Not To Live’ During the book launch

To Live or Not To Live – A Review of Faith Agumya’s Book on How to Overcome Suicide & Thrive Amidst Suicidal Thoughts.

When I first opened Faith Agumya Jemimah’s ‘To Live or Not To Live’ – How to Overcome Suicide and Thrive Amidst Suicidal Thoughts,’ I did not know what to expect. I never open a book whilst full of expectations, but for this, when I ‘heard’ that the book is about Faith’s story, I thought that maybe, it is going to be some sort of a novel; in which this lady begins to narrate what happened, where, name it, that we would be regaled with tales of a depressed protagonist, and we would cry our eyes out.

I knew it would be her story, but I do not know why I thought it would be that kind of biographical text. On reading the book, I have to admit that I am impressed. Very much impressed. Because Faith’s own is not just a story that aims to provoke pity from the reader. It is a well-researched, educative piece that not only fills the reader with knowledge on suicide or suicide attempts, but also enriches one with a broader scope on what the vice is, why the victims may decide to take their lives, how to prevent it, and even explores aspects of mental health. You will forget that you are reading what is presented as ‘Faith’s story’. You will realize that you are in a lecture hall or mental health workshop.

Attending Faith’s Book Launch, where two other youngsters being mentored by Faith Agumya, also launch their comic & Poetry books.

Yes, there were moments when I shed a tear or two. Not that I have anything against personal stories,( anyone that knows my writing knows that I delve deep into that approach), but, what I find really respectable about this piece is that whilst its true that Faith shares her story, she does so in a subtle way, and that her character or presence in the book does not obstruct the message she is communicating. The story is in there, it is the root, or the bone, but the flesh is even merrier. And for that, Kudos Faith!

Photo of Faith’s Mom (Left), Faith (Centre), Dr/Hon Miria Matembe (Right), at the book launch. Dr. Miria was the Guest of Honor.
[Photo: Courtesy of Samuel Muhimba at Nile Post]
I have closed the book richer than when I first opened it. I could arguably be one of the few people well-educated on mental health and the subject of suicide, even as I write this. Thanks to Faith’s book.   And for a very long moment in there, I felt the urgency of this matter and was nearly prompted to spice up my career with an aspect of mental health. But I now know not to fill my already full plate to the point that it breaks.  Regardless, we should all, join this fight and movement. I stand with Faith, and everyone battling suicide either by association or individually struggling to thrive amidst Suicidal thoughts. 

Faith takes us on a journey of how she fell into depression and thus battled with recurring suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts.

Faith, I know you are going to read this, and I want you to know that I am proud of you. I am proud that you are alive, that you wrote this book, and that I have met you. You are a very humble person, Very resilient, very intelligent.  I  respect and admire you, and I am grateful to God, that he kept you alive and that our paths crossed. Moreso, I am grateful for the lives that are going to be changed, touched because of your book. I am grateful for those souls that will resist and endure trying times, amidst suicidal thoughts, just because they encountered you or read your book. I am grateful for the future. Because not even the sky is the limit. I pray that God continues to raise you and take you higher than you ever imagined. May God bless your daughter too, and may she grow up to be a phenomenal  woman. I am grateful for your team at Kwa Imani, may God continue to take the community places. 

To Live or Not To Live

This book emphasized to me how important it is, that we all treat each other with kindness and love. That one colleague at work, who seems off the radar, might just need a warmer hug and a word of kindness from me, that they might just need me to sit with them for five minutes, and ask them how they are doing, you know, ‘all these seemingly tiny things that we often take for granted.’ they are not tiny at all. They are huge. Because you never know really. What anyone is battling with. Thank you very much for your rich text. 

These four  things  stood out for me on Page 50;

  1. It does not matter what your personality is. Mental illness does not care how extroverted or introverted you are. It can affect anyone at any time of the day. Please know that you are not alone. 



2. Most of our problems stem from not being trained well to deal with failure. Our failures as children were scorned,  and we were often punished. As adults, failure is a foreign concept that we are very upset about. when we are faced with it, with our hearts sinking and minds failing. Yet we are faced with it. Failure is generally hard for every person, but it makes us better people.  Statements like I failed, but I will do better next time give us motivation to cope. Our vision becomes clearer and broader, too.



3. Do not lose hope when something does not go as planned. I know it does not make sense at the moment, but losing hope and the will to live is not a solution. You can always rise up from that which failed, because failure has never disqualified anyone from anything they are good at. Life is also full of opportunities to grab each day.



4. Learn to take one day at a time, Accepting that you are only human helps.  You cannot know the future; you can only live in the present. Plan, but leave room for detours; work and save for tomorrow, but for emergencies too. When you fail, resist projecting emotions onto someone or something; remember that we grow and learn from our failures. Be hopeful that you can live and survive  even when you fall into the trap of mental stress. 

This and so much more. Purchase a copy of ‘To Live or Not to Live.’ It Goes for only 30.000 UGX/ shillings this July 2023. Reach out to Faith via – +256773153896

A failed attempt of a tab-selfie, during Faith’s book launch. Ha-ha.  Au Revoir…


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