Fashion as Voice – Seamline Atelier on Creating Edu-Fashionable Designs for Community Empowerment

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Seamline Atelier is a Ugandan fashion brand that deals in ready-to-wear, bespoke, and avant-garde/costume outfits. 

The brand’s mission is to raise awareness towards the respect of social-economical aspects of life through edu-fashion, whilst their vision is; ‘Fashion as a voice; re-imagining a world based on respect of human dignity and other aspects of life’ where when creating designs, Seamline Atelier bases on inspiration in order to come up with unique and strong designs. 

Seamline Atelier was founded by two designers; Muyizi Edward and Tamale Eria. These two founded the brand along with several others, who unfortunately left the brand along the way. 

“The name Seamline started in our class in 2018, at At Records Fashion School. We used the name as an internal class name, in order to be able to accelerate competition among our mates, and also as a way to boost our creativity.  After school; we decided to continue using the name for the brand professionally.  We had found it easier for us to merge our visions around the brand, as individual designers, given our background at school. Atelier came in as an addition. Atelier is a French word that means fashion house. Seamline is a word that means ‘the joining of two seams’. So we combined everything to get the name Seamline Atelier and to develop a brand.” says Edward Muyizi, Co-Founder and Designer at Seamline Atelier 


“When you look at our individual projects as founders of Seamline Atelier, you would realize that we have been targeting Community Development Oriented projects, aspects that trigger communities in one way or another, stories from our community. We also wanted to use our creativity, art, and fashion as a voice and tool that communicate individual stories of people, and of communities, to different people.” Edward adds. 


The designer also emphasizes that the brand was also majorly fueled by their passion for fashion, and storytelling through fashion. The team wanted to impact local and global communities through fashion, and their first story started with the story of Semivule Bosco, and was about mental health and the revelation of how Bosco had joined gangs, and became a drug addict, but had somehow overcome. 

“After telling Bosco’s story through fashion, we came to realize that what we have is really strong and that through it, we can effect a great impact on our communities. We decided to keep telling our stories, and getting inspired by the different stories of different people. We would feel that we have had an impact when someone’s story is being told by us, using fashion, which is a different tool from the normal. It is mostly the love we have for fashion and for the communities that have kept us going.” Edward further reveals

One of the brand’s aspirations is to be able to collaborate with other designers and to have a wider market for their products.

According to Edward, one of the challenges the brand faces is that most people don’t understand what Seamline Atelier does, as they regard the fashion as weird, or things that they can’t really understand. The result is that the people then, take a little while longer to understand the story the brand may be trying to tell through an outfit. 

“But I believe, we believe that with time, people will be able to understand and relate with everything that we do. Also when these stories are told, we always want them to reach the right audience or even a wide number of people. We feel that our stories haven’t yet reached a big range of people, as we would love to. But we really want these stories to impact the people in our target audience. We want these stories to be conversation starters so that they can change something. We feel as if most of our stories end on runways but we would love them to go even further, to a wider audience. That way, they would have the great impact that we aim to achieve. We keep brainstorming various ways in which we can reach bigger communities. “ Edward concludes.  

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