‘Tutabaale’ – Let’s Explore More with Maganda Shakul on His EP, Art and Fashion Genius 

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Tutabaale EP, Dropping on 9th June 2023 – On all music streaming platforms


‘Tutabaale’ is a Luganda word that means ‘let’s explore more’. In Buganda – modern-day Central Uganda, the term was majorly used in the past, for Guerilla warfare, or just exploration when men would go hunting, for games, or war, and just decided to do more. Often, they returned with women from those adventures, gifts, goods, and sometimes prisoners of war from ‘Olutabaalo’! 

In this blog, multi-faceted artist Maganda Shakul shares more about his musical genius, his art, and fashion endeavors. Oh, you are going to love him. Listen to this!

“I got the inspiration for the name of my EP Tutabaale when I was reading some book on African History. Reading the book, I discovered that the majority of us Africans are out of touch with our history, norms, and culture. I wanted to bring some of that indigenous knowledge back, through my music.” – Maganda says 

Maganda Shakul is a Ugandan artist popularly known for his rich blend of beats and African drums in his music composition. Maganda was born and raised in Kampala Uganda, and he is part of a music band or Group known as the Nilotika Cultural Ensemble, where he does writing, music production, and percussion. When not doing music, Maganda engages in fashion creation and has so far launched two fashion brands. One of them is the O.G Denim – a sustainable fashion brand focusing on denim recycling, and the second is the Roots & Culture– a brand focusing on cultural and traditional wear for instance the Kitenge. 

“When you pay attention to most of the folk songs from Uganda, you will discover that there is a lot of knowledge. This and the fact that we Africans are out of touch with our culture, and what our ancestors did with resources and history is majorly what inspired Tutabaale EP. In a way, it is to help us reflect on some of the things our ancestors used to do. When you listen to Tutabaale EP, you will discover that I have a variety of tracks that reflect on, and represent different cultures like the Bahima, the Bakiga, and the Banyankole, – cultures from western Uganda. I also have ‘Apio’ on the EP, which reflects the Northern Cultures of Uganda especially the Acholis, and the Alurs – mostly the Nilotes People. So Tutabaale is majorly a reflection of the Indigenous sounds and rhythms of our ancestors.” – Maganda shares

Artist Maganda Shakul – (The Shells in his hair, Indigenously a representation of one’s social status)

“The reason why I have shells in my hair is ‘I know some people call me Nsimbi’, but the reason I chose this style is that it is part of my identity as an African man. A long time ago, the shells (cowrie shells) were used as money. A means of trade. In some kingdoms on the African continent, the shells were often a representation of where you were originally coming from. For instance, if you were a prince or princess, they were regalia that showed one’s status or background in the community. Royals’ hair would be plaited with shells, to emphasize and instill in the difference that the one who wore them bore from those that didn’t wear them. They were very significant in the community. I wear shells because I believe I am a prince where I come from.” – The artist adds 

Maganda Shakul wearing a face/head mask made of shells

Tutabaale has seven tracks. Different combinations, different sounds, different indigenous instruments, and different rhythms. The EP droped on 9th June 2023, and is available on all music streaming platforms. Maganda’s music is published by the – ‘East African Records.’

Tutabaale EP, Dropped on 9th June 2023 – On all music streaming platforms. The EP was Published by East African Records.

Something that perhaps my fans or people out there may not know about me is that ‘I am an artist who likes collaborations, and I like to engage with people in different ways. Socially, with creatives, and with communities. I also like sports. I love capoeira 

Maganda on the Drum

In an effort to enrich his musical prowess, Maganda also pursued a certificate in Music Production at the Nilotika Cultural Ensemble of Uganda, where his skills in music composition, arrangement, and engineering were groomed and polished. He has performed at various events, festivals, and his work has been featured at fashion events and in art galleries. His compositions are an intriguing blend of African drums and rhythms and electronic beats. It can be described as very poetic. His fashion is as such too, a rich blend of colorful texture & textiles, elaborate patterns, and has a keen eye for detail. 

Listen to Tutabaale EP (https://ditto.fm/tutabaale)

Connect with Maganda Shakul via his social media HERE.



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