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Earth. Image (Courtesy of Earth.com)

The World, as you may know, was at one point believed by the vast majority, to be flat. Not round. Planet Earth could have had no orbit. I mean, how could it? So many believed that it was other planets, the sun, the moon, the stars, etcetera, that rotated around the earth.  Aristotle for instance, in many of his philosophies, is believed to have depicted the earth as stationary. Yet it is clearly evident that much as he was wrong at that, he greatly influenced the world; many scholars of his time, modern-day science, and philosophical thought. Like the case is with religion, sexuality, marriage, or child-bearing today, so was the subject of the Earth’s nature, movement, and existence many centuries ago. It was a bitter subject. You literally had to tip-toe your way around the subject, so that you do not offend or misrepresent and so that you are not tagged ‘crazy’ if your school of thought differed from the majority’s. But then again. There is nothing new on the face of the earth. Is there? 

Aristotle (Image derived from History.com)
Amasia – (Image derived from ScienceAlert)

How do I know this? Of course, I would know! Because I am half-human, half-alien. As a child and young teenager, I was always told that I had an old soul. That I was too mature for my age. And that for such a young person, I was too wise. I believed them. And even as an adult now, I am still believed by many to be too intelligent. I sorta believe them, but not really. I mean, there are over eight (8) Billion people on this planet, and I could have been the next Da-Vinci, only that I arrived on Earth a little too early. This is why I barely understand what Elon Musk says. I should have been born when the earth’s plates shifted again, and we are in the future days of modern  Pangea. In Pangea, I would have been born in the continent Amasia or wherever. Because why not? It is 2023 and when I go to study on ChatGPT or any other AI-related subject, sometimes the information enters through one eye and one side of the brain, and it evaporates through the other eye and the other side of the brain, almost instantly! Now unless we exaggerate, how can a human like that, be one of the smartest people on the planet? And yet Ironically, she is! Ha-ha.

Now I digress.


The Author @Betty Ssekirevu Lunkuse.
Half Alien, Half Human

Howdy, welcome to my Blog. My name is Betty Ssekirevu Lunkuse. I am a Ugandan freelance writer, and author (mostly whose work is about to take the world by storm in the near future.) Yes, I just said it. Now what?

Anyway, Welcome once again. This is the first post on this blog since the beginning of 2023. And I particularly titled it ‘A Revolving Star’ because that is what I am, who I am, and that statement captures the events of my life. I had a blog before. I called it lunkuse.com. Unfortunately, it is nonexistent now, I had to let it go during the first Covid-Pandemic lockdown in 2020. I let it go because I was broke. Yes, I just said it, but that was secondary. I primarily let the blog go because I had become a new person. I was stepping into a new version of myself, which made me realize I could do without that blog. And I have been doing well without it. But guess what? The star has now revolved back to the spot where the blog ought to be rebirthed. To Be Home! Okay. The star hasn’t just been rebirthed now. It was a while back; scroll up, or see below, some of the other blogs I posted sometime last year. For a moment, let me digress again, a little… 

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The old blog, my old blog had brought many people my way, especially Internationals. I had a wide readership. Most of whom were based in the United States of America, Europe, and a good number of Africans. That blog thrived. But personally, I didn’t thrive much. So when the Divine called me to embrace another version of myself and leave no time to mourn that blog, all was well with me. 

Now here I am. Two years and a few months later. The time is now; for this version of me to see the light.

A wise preacher Kingsley Okonkwo once said. ‘When you Jump Up, You come down. But when You grow up, you stay up.’ – I guess earlier, I had jumped up in many ways, so I had to come down and grow up so that I can now stay up. Well, here I come. To present a new version of me, subjects, perspectives, and so much more. I hope my contribution here, in so many ways, helps you to grow up too. For if there be such a thing as a Rebirth, you definitely need it. Every other season. I experience it, I do so every other season of my life. Embrace it. You will look at your yesterday and like me Vow, ‘I will never be the same again!’

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