Notes from the secret place. Episode One (1)

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  1. It is dangerous to be around the anointed yet your heart is not pure.  Because the anointing was designed to fight anything that is not God. So you will be surprised that you are around an anointed vessel, serving; but on them recognizing you do not have a pure heart, it’s on that day that you encounter that particular anointing, that your life starts going down.  You’ll say, this guy is taking my destiny. No, it’s the impurity of your heart. The Grace Upon that life is the one that’s fighting that impurity. Whereas you would have told a lie & gone scot-free when you were far off, Now you came close to an anointing, and the moment you lied, that anointing detected it.  It was designed to fight liars. So suddenly you find out, that you are coming under a grave consequence. Watch Out, the Altar is listening. 


       2. The Anointing only takes away what it is that’s not brought by God. 

       3. You can not receive from the vessel you dishonor.

       4. Remember, the throne of God is made of righteousness and Justice. 

        5. I’m an uncommon vessel, a carrier of mysterious Graces & Mantles.

        6. When you are too big to discern, you are also too big to receive.

         7. The Anointing is in levels and dimensions.

         8. She; a whole Covenant  (Confess it; I am a whole Covenant)

         9. Systems guarantee sustainability. Systems and structures make replication possible. 

         10. The longevity factor, in everything that we do, is dependent on a system. 


On building a formidable system and structure, ASK;

  1. Why do I exist? (What is the vision or goal to be achieved?) Have a clear definition of what is.
  2. Who are the beneficiaries of my solutions? (Who are those that God has sent me to?) Pray, that Lord leads you to the beneficiaries of your anointing, of your call.
  3. What tools do I need? (Skills, resources, relationships)
  4. Who does what? (As a leader, you will fail in life if you do everything)
  5. What is the most important aspect of this vision to focus on now?

Extracted from a Teaching by #ApostleJoshuaSelman



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