Notes from the secret place. Episode Two (2)

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Note that; 

  1. It is a risk to start moving without knowing where you are going.
  2. Compromises only make sense when standards are in place.
  3. Systems should be greater than individuals. So that it does not matter who is doing what; as long as the result is the same.
  4. Behold, I am a sign and a wonder.
  5. You will know that something is wrong when the system collapses in your absence.

6. One of the reasons why you need the anointing of God, is so that you are empowered to fulfill your divine assignment and advance in the Kingdom of God.  Hear me; Thank God for skill, thank God for your abilities, thank God for Your Human potential. But in this Kingdom,  Human Potentials Can only take us so far. You cannot do Kingdom assignments ultimately in the strength of the Flesh. You will need empowerment from Heaven.


7. Thank God for Family. For Money, For your education. Thank God for your beauty and for your gifts. But in all you’re getting, Get authentic Spiritual Power.

8. Only the Anointing can produce God’s Dimension of results to His satisfaction.

9. A man can have different levels of Graces. The Grace you discern is the Grace that listens and imparts You. It is not the Grace on Him that can come to you. It is the Grace that your discernment can pick. A man can have the grace for prayer, A grace for speed, a grace for Favour, a grace for influence.  If your Discernment only sees the grace for influence, that’s what you will receive.  He Lays hands on you and you think everything on him came to you. But no, it is the grace that you discern that comes to you. So the first rule of impartation is discernment. 


9. The anointing is in levels and dimensions. Seeing that the anointing introduces specific results, when we say we are anointed, it does not mean you can do anything.

10. Annointings have geography to their assignment. A healing anointing will not necessarily prosper you. You can carry a healing anointing and still be surprised that while you are healing the sick, your finances are stagnant because there is a separate dimension of anointing in that area. 

11. There are people today who are not necessarily the best. In as much as we know the best, but the graces upon their life speak. & when you are looking at them you are wondering; so what is really the wow factor here? It is because of the Grace that’s upon them. That means that just because you are anointed does not mean that you have everything. It is now your responsibility to discern; What dimension of anointing is in my life?


12. As you pray, work with the Holy Spirit so that your spirit can connect to specific dimensions.


13. Ask; what are the Graces I need for my personal advancement or my ministry?

14. There is a Grace for territory. That’s responsible for not just influence but is responsible for making God reveal himself as God of the portions for you.  In every territory, there is your portion and your association but there is a grace that brings it to you. There is a Grace that gives you your own place so that you do not have to live at the mercy of whoever just gets tired and throws something your way.

#Notes Extracted from a Teaching by #ApostleJoshuaSelman



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