Notes from the Secret Place – Episode 3

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Adapted from the sermon titled (Prayer: Equipped with Power to Wear a Garment of Favour) – by  Pastor Melody of #HouseofHostingHeaven SA.


  1. In this realm, some people are going to hate you for a gift you didn’t even ask for. For Grace you didn’t apply for. 
  2. Some people are going to hate you for crowns and crowds you know you don’t even deserve. But because of Favor. But God found something in your heart posture to trust you with those crowns & crowds.
  3. Rain falls on whatever land God choses it to fall. Sometimes it falls on the land of a good person. Sometimes on the land of a bad person. Depending on God’s mood. Sometimes it is not going to make sense.

  4. Some people are going to hate you for a promotion you are aware is beyond your age; beyond your expertise, and Beyond your skillset.
  5. You’re gonna be the one and it won’t make sense. People are gonna try to disect it, to test it.

  6. When you look at me and don’t get it; I also don’t get it. But I am the one. There was something about David & Joseph that God chose. That distinguished them. And so is my case.

  7. 7. Not everybody is going to receive you with open arms. Some people are committed to misunderstanding you. But regardless.

  8. Your ‘Coat of Many Colors’ Will Cover You. It Distinguishes you but it also makes you a Target. Distinction will attract the devil 
  9. Their criticism will be disguised as genuine care. They hope that someday it will eventually break you down and you will give up. 
  10. Sometimes people hate you because of the way other people love you. 

11. When you are walking in integrity, it is going to win you some enemies.


      12.Do not compromise

13. What keeps the favour alive is living a life of integrity. 

14. None of the challenges that happen in the corridors of favor will stop God from Giving you a dream. 


  1. I don’t know why they chose me; I don’t know why God is using me. I don’t know why God decided that I am the one. But I am the one. I am the one and I don’t even know why. I am distinguished and I don’t even know why. But I am the one. 

2.This is the finger of God. No man has orchestrated this thing.



  1. Lord broaden my shoulder so that I can carry the burden attached to my favor, to my distinction.
  2. Lord thank you for the finger and oil of distinction over my Life.
  3. Lord, Help me to wear my coat of many colors in humility but unapologetically.
  4. Lord help me so that I am not timid in my place of power. Give me the grace to be humble & yet unapologetic.
  5. Lord give me wisdom on how to navigate my purpose.
  6. Lord, mature me quickly. In the place of my distinction. In the corridors of my purpose.



  1. Many arrows will be forged against you but they will not prosper.
  2. Whatever the enemy orchestrates as evil; God will turn it around for your own good. 
  3. Lord give you the strength of ten oxen; so that every time you speak, you know you are backed up by Heaven. 
  4. I’m unapologetically stepping into my gift. Unapologetically walking in my calling. I am unapologetically working the hand I have been given. W ith humility, but unapologetically so. 
  5. I am gonna look good and unapologetic in my coat of many colors. In all humility. In the name of Jesus. 
  6. From today onwards, I am distinguished. In the name of Jesus. Amen




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