Notes From the Secret Place Episode 4.

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Adapted from the sermon titled (Prayer: Know No Man After the Flesh) – by  Pastor Melody of #HouseofHostingHeaven SA


    1. Be careful of the people you meet in life; and you judge them, or rule them out, because of the place where you met them.
    2. Be careful who you judge because of the places where you meet them.
    3. Be careful who you dismiss because we serve a God who can take a life and change it in an instant. He can take a nobody and make them a somebody in such a short time.
    4. Be careful of who you disallow from your circles just because they don’t look like the rest of your friends. Just because they don’t drive the cars that they drive.
    5. Be careful who you reject.
    6. Rahab was in a worldly place, having been molded by the world. Doing a worldly profession and yet; there was still a seed in her that the Lord God could partner up with. 
    7. Be careful who you dismiss because that person doesn’t look like the people you hang around with. 
    8. New money looks it. Old money does not look it at all.
    9. Be careful who you rule out because they don’t look the part. Because of the place where you encounter them


There is something about the glory of God; that makes it want to hide itself in strange and unworthy vessels. (Isn’t it strange, that God uses the foolish things of the world to confound the wise?)  


  1.  Be careful of the foolish things that you rule out. 
  2. Be careful that you do not miss your destiny helpers because you are too busy knowing men after the flesh.
  3. Be careful that you do not rule out Rehab, just because you met her in the brothel. She might be your destiny helper. She might be the very thing that saves you. She might be the very woman for the job. 


The reason some of you are in those strange places yourselves is just so that you can snatch the people you are dismissing; out of the jaws of hell.  Be careful that you do not miss glory just because it is hidden in a mess. 


  1. (I am glad that the spies did not despise the book cover that Rehab was covered in)
  2. Be careful that you do not miss the angelic visitation in your home because the people are covered in mess. Because the cover doesn’t look like it.
  3. Some of your breakthroughs are covered in people who are covered in need. 
  4. Be careful that you do not miss their destiny helpers because you meet them while they’re running away from their adversary. 
  5. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Wisdom may come from the strangest of things, mouths, or even places. 
  6. Be careful not to take advice from people just because they are not dressed or smell like what you expect.
  7. Imagine what the spies would have missed if they had looked at Rehab as a mere prostitute. 
  8. It takes out nothing from who you are when you treat people well. It is basic human decency. 
  9. Don’t despise a book by its cover.


A little kindness goes a long way. 



  1. Lord, may I not miss my destiny connections because they are covered in a book cover that I do not like. They are covered in a book cover that you despise.
  2. Lord, may I not miss my angel investors because they look shabby.
  3. Lord open up my eyes that I may see. 
  4. God, give me the capacity to discern the atmosphere of Heaven on certain people that people have ruled out. People who are underdogs. People who have been excluded. 
  5. God, give me the ability to discern people. 
  6. Lord help me to know no men after the flesh. (2 Corinthians 5:16)



  1. I pray in the name of Jesus that God gives me eyes that are open. So that I will not miss my destiny opportunities and my destiny helpers there.
  2. Declare that I will not miss God because He is covered in a book cover that I do not expect. 
  3. Father, give me humility in my dealings with people. 




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